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Recruiting and Placement for Behavioral Health Professionals
Find the right fit.


Cost to you if a candidate is not hired. Fees are contingency based only.


Day guarantee if a candidate leaves or is terminated.


Less thing you have to worry about.

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Working with a recruiter saves time and money, so you can focus on your mission. I actively pursue candidates via existing connections, referral sources, LinkedIn and online databases to find you the right fit quickly.

Each candidate is pre-screened, and I offer my unbiased feedback on each candidate submitted.



Let me find you your next position. Upload your resume along with any pertinent notes and information, and I will reach out to you with any job opportunities that are suited for you. 

If I can't find you a position, I will check with my referral sources to see if someone else can. Submit your resume today.

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About Me

I have my Masters in Counseling (MFT) and over seven years experience working in the fields of mental health and substance abuse. I've spent hundreds of hours in treatment teams, interacted with insurance case managers, medical directors, billing teams, support staff, compliance specialists, etc. I've had the good fortune to see what works, and what doesn't work when it comes to building a successful team and implementing effective treatment protocols. 

Much of this comes down to the quality and cohesion of your staff. Experience, attitude, skill set and dedication to your mission need to be aligned for each of your employees. At the clinical level, a healthy team is healing in and of itself, as it sets the tone for treatment and often serves as a corrective experience for clients' dysfunctional family dynamics. On an organizational level, it means less staff turnover, more joy in your work and better outcomes for your clients. Finding quality candidates is an essential part of this process.

I actively seek out qualified candidates for you, so that you can focus on your mission: the clients. 

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Vice Presidents

Executive Directors

Clinical Directors

Clinical Supervisors

Department Heads

Program Managers




Social Workers

Substance Abuse Counselors 


ED Specialists


Mental Health Technicians


Support Staff

Care Coordinators


Human Resources



Utilization Review


Contact Me

Tel: (310) 295-8760

Thanks for submitting!

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